PACMAAN ® Non Asbestos Packings and Seals [ click for details ]
Non-Asbestos Braided Packing manufactured from Pure PTFE Fibres, Graphited PTFE fibres, Aramid/ Kevlar fibres, Pure Graphite/Carbon fibres & GFO® Fibres.
Packing made of Cotton and Vegetable Fibres like Ramie Fibre, Hemp, Flax etc

PACMAAN ® Flexible Pure Graphite Packings etc [ click for details ]
Flexible Pure Graphite Sheets and tapes, compressed and moulded Gland Packing
Flexible Pure Graphite Self-Sealing rings (non-metallic and Metallic-reinforced with SS Wire mesh/ SS Sheet) for Valve Bonnets and CRH-NRV systems. Strainer gaskets for MS Line and HRH System
Flexible Pure Graphite gaskets reinforced with SS Wire mesh as a better substitute of Spiral Wound Gaskets and Serrated Metallic Gaskets
Expanded Pure Graphite Braided Gland Packing (with or without metallic reinforcement), Bowl Mill Packing ring sets, Soot Blower Packing ring set, Cartridge Packing sets

PACMAAN ® PTFE Moulded Components
PTFE moulded and machined components, Pure as well as reinforced with Carbon, Graphite, Glass, Bronze, MOS2, in required composition.
Rods, bushes, sleeves, rings, washers, "O" rings of any dimension and composition.
Carbon/Graphite reinforced PTFE Compressor rings for non-lubricated compressors. Components for Paper Machinery such as M.G. Cylinder Head, Screw Conveyor Bush, Rotary Steam Joint bush etc.

Graphite and PTFE based Lubricants
ROLGARD ® [ click for details ]:PTFE fortified lithium based high temp grease
ENGAARD ®: PTFE based additives for engines (gensets, automobiles, cranes etc.), gear boxes, compressors, hydraulic systems etc
GRAPHGARD ®: Graphite based battery terminal lubricant/antiseize compound
Graphite powders, flakes, Colloidal Graphite in water and oil, Graphite greases

PACMAAN ® High Temperature Insulation Ropes Blankets etc
Ceramic Fibre Ropes, Blankets, Tapes etc
Silica Fibre Ropes, Blankets, Mats, Gaskets etc.
Fire Blankets

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