'Rolgard ®' is a unique high-performance and high-temperature lithium based grease reinforced with PTFE .

Rolgard ® helps form a tenacious clinging film on the applied metal surface and the innumerable micro particles of PTFE act as tiny ball bearings which helps minimise friction and temperature.

The grease is known to be mechanically & chemically stable and it does not migrate from hot surfaces, providing effective lubrication at temperatures upto 250°C.

Rolgard ® is available in standard packs of 180 Kg and 1 kg.

Rolgard ® enjoys the following advantages over conventional greases thus making it an effective multipurpose grease :

  • Increases the life of your expensive equipments
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Controls heat build up
  • Reduces sound and vibration
  • Prevents corrosion in moist environments
  • Cuts wasteful energy consumption
  • Withstands high temperatures (up to 250°C)
  • Does not run or wash away
  • Does not migrate from hot surfaces
  • Excellent for all metal to metal lubrication
  • Chemically & mechanically stable
Some of the applications of Rolgard ® :
  • High speed motors
  • High speed blowers
  • All kinds of bearings
  • Marine parts
  • Centralised industrial grease systems
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Drive chains of high pressure pumps
  • Construction equipment
  • Die-casting machines
  • Gears
  • Hydraulic & industrial equipment
  • Tools
  • Auto & truck chassis
  • & much more!


Test Characteristics Results Specifications
Drop Point 250°C 232.2°C
(at 150 gms 25°C/5 sec)
260 units
270 units
Rust Prevention
(at 50°C for 48 hrs)
Passable --
Oxidation Stability
at 99.5°C for 100 hrs
(Pressure Drop)
7.0 lbs/inch sq. --
Oil separation
at 100°C for 30 hrs
(by weight)
3.1% 6%

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